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We want you as an Expatriate to settle into your new country with ease by better integration.

With my coaching and sensitivity training you will

  • Get a detailed overview of the cultural differences between home and host country

  • Develop emotional flexibility to accept unfamiliar behavior and values

  • Evoke a sense of respect towards the culture and norms of the host country

  • Get unstuck and move forward with an important goal

  • Receive support in international living

And here are the changes that will happen to you:

You will 

  • Become a more relaxed and engaged cross-cultural parent, spouse, friend, or colleague

  • Be more content and confident in your day-to-day life

  • Be present and engaged with people you care about

  • Find strategies to make your life abroad fulfilling

  • Improve your self-care toolbox

  • Find your peace of mind away from home

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Course Overview: Course Overview
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