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Karina has been involved in the IB (International Baccalaureate) for more than fifteen years as IB Teacher, DP Coordinator, and Examiner. She earned a masters degree in law and linguistics and a doctorate in linguistics and education, all achieved in Germany, and has been an educator and business coach for 25 years in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Slovakia, France, and USA, having a real passion for internationally minded education with a strong desire to provide the highest level of individual academic achievement. She has three sons, who are bilingual.

"I love teaching. I love coaching. But nobody is a born teacher. If anything, I was born a learner, and along the way I learned how to teach. I am able to be flexible in my methodology and approach, to deal with unusual students and learning strategies. I recognized that every student has a story. As a teacher, learner, and researcher of language and culture, I discovered that personal interaction with my students and the Active Learning Methodology that engages all of the senses through multimedia is the key for the desired outcome.”

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